Friday, January 20, 2006

Markets Everywhere: The Presidential Chompa

In a story first brought to us by Los Tiempos, it appears that Evo's now trademark dim red, blue and white sweater (chompa in Spanish), with which he was seen in at least four different ocassions during his recent world tour is becoming a best seller in Bolivia's retail stores. Argentinian newspaper La Nación went as far as tracking down the manufacturer of the garmet (Punto Blanco) and interviewing its top managers.

Yahoo! Photos has a series of pictures acompaigning the Reuters story, pictured above the version by Punto Blanco, and below... the bootleg version.

The jersey -which is not pure alpaca as it's mixed with syntethic fibers- retails for 70 to 80 Bolivianos (about $US 10) and can be found in both Cochabamba and La Paz. Journalist Juan Carlos Salinas from notibolivia has more on the story:


Punto Blanco no ha recibido aún pedidos del exterior, pero sí de gente que planea viajar a otros países y quieren lucir fuera de Bolivia la chompa de Evo, según explicó. Ante la posibilidad de exportar este producto, Valda detalló que la "capacidad de producción no falta" porque su fábrica está en condiciones de elaborar hasta mil suéteres por día.

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CHOMPITA said...

I've decided to start my own blog about Bolivia from a unique point of view.

Jonathan said...

has the potential to be a good parody.