Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Evo Quote of the Day - Let's Complement Each Other

[Yours truly adds: social conscience can be learned, and budgeted for, and publicly traded]:

“Quiero aprender de los empresarios (...) Yo no tengo formación profesional, pero habría sido importante complementarnos. Ustedes tienen la capacidad profesional y yo la conciencia social”

“I want to learn from entrepreneurs (…) I don’t have a professional background, but it’d be important to complement each other. You have the professional capacity and I have the social conscience”

Evo Morales, addressing members of "the business class" in his first meeting with the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz. [1]

[1] Carmona, Ernesto. “Los perdedores de las elecciones afilan los dientes" < http://www.bolpress.com/politica.php?Cod=2006010104> Acceded 01.01.06

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