Monday, December 19, 2005

Morales Wins the Presidential Election

It’s all but confirmed: Evo Morales has won the presidential election. In my view; fear, opportunism and intimidation had as much to do with his victory as his actual abilities of convocation. Quite probably, the majority of his voters genuinely supported him, but a lot of those who voted for him did so because they were afraid of the ruckus he would deliver should he lose and claim fraud. This is the same group that hopes there will be no more “bloqueos” now that the main “bloqueador” is in power. Unfortunately this will never be the case when dealing with leaders who are used to manage-by-chicote. Sample of this: El Alto’s FEJUVE and COR –core supporters of the MAS candidacy- have already given an ultimatum of 90 days for basically “all things to be solved” before they start blockading again. [see story here]

Many more MASistas saw personal benefit and a “peguita” in different levels of government. And now that meritocracy –be it academic, professional or otherwise- is practically abolished, I have no hopes MAS will distribute positions in accordance to capacity. Let’s just wait for the roster of senators, congress representatives and ministers to flow out of MAS, and we’ll dissect those biographies.

I’ll leave the data and percentages for tomorrow, but for now, in broad strokes: Most Prefectures are non-MAS, the Media-Luna (Santa Cruz, Pando, Beni and Tarija) voted as predicted and MNR is still alive and kicking. Tuto gave up without a fight, promises to stay as opposition though. The undecided quietly voted for MAS, seems that those elitists and oligarchs of the middle class were not convinced by the PODEMOS campaign. [note the sarcasm people!]

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