Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ministers to be Appointed, non-Cocaleros need not apply

Today, Jornada published a note entitled: “Evo’s Ministers Must Have the Approval of the Federations" [2] scary indeed, since the specific quotation says “ministers will necessarily have to surge from the six federations…” Refering to the Six Federations of Coca Producers of el Chapare. So that effectively eliminates 99.9999 percent of the Bolivian population, and anybody who’s not a cocalero or anybody who’s not a coca syndicate boss. I hope that was biased editing from the part of the newspaper. Honestly.

Now seriously, tomorrow, president-elect Morales will be meeting with the upper echelons of the MAS party, the heads of the “social movements”, and other party’s representatives in the city of Cochabamba, with the objective of distributing all major government posts and offices. As it has always been the case, (with traditional parties as well) this is about the time when “pegas” are distributed.

I can’t resist the temptation of naming a few people who are sure to play an important part in the next cabinet, so be on the lookout for them:
  • Iván Iporre. - He’s Evo’s Karl Rove, so you get the picture.
  • Carlos Villegas Quiroga. - An economist, mostly known for his work as a director of San Andrés University doctoral program on development and his punditry in the gas export issue. As a matter of fact I spent the last half hour downloading papers he’s written on the subject. He’s set to occupy the Ministry of Economic Development post, which will determine a lot gas/oil policy.
  • Juan Ramón Quintana. - A former army officer turned think-tanker, Quintana directs the Observatorio de Seguridad y Democracia (ODyS), and is your foreign press friendly go-to guy for military and police issues. He’s expected to be appointed Minister of Government.
  • Gral. (r) César López. – A retired general, López has been a link between Evo and the corps; some point him out as the strategist behind our “missile crisis”, which was a huge propaganda boost for Evo. Old timer nationalist, with some leftist views, I don’t know much about what he plans in terms of rearmament and strategy.
That’s all so far, we’ll see if my guesstimantes are close, and now to close today’s posting a new feature of this blog:

Evo Quote of the Day [Protection With Exceptions]:

“El MAS protegerá la propiedad privada, excepto esas tierras ociosas e improductivas que tienen que revertirse en favor de quienes quieran trabajarla".

(translation) “MAS will protect private property, except those idle and unproductive lands, which have to be reverted in favor of those who what to work them”

Evo Morales [1]

[1] Evo Morales anuncia cambios en la política del gas y la coca. La Razón. December 20, 2005
[2] Ministros de Evo deben contar con el aval de las Federaciones Jornada, December 20, 2005

Cited in this Post [External Links]: ODyS


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