Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Election Day Update

Just a short post to begin the day’s democratic festivities and point out some good sources of information to keep the reader informed:

  • You can visit a time-delayed broadcast of ATB mid and evening news by visiting this website. I’m not clear on whether they will live-cast today’s elections.
  • You can also see a live stream from Santa Cruz’s COTAS by using this feed.
  • Radio Pan Americana and other stations will be broadcasting live as well.
  • Finally, for foreign press articles in one site check the Inside Bolivia Aggregator.

As always, I recommend the fine Bolivian blogs listed in the Blogs of Note section, where I have added a couple more recently. Pay special attention to Eduardo’s Barrio Flores, he’s been participating in an “anonymous” candidacy campaign for the last weeks and blogging on the process. He may be chanting victory tonight...

As far as this blog is concerned, I just got out of Tally this morning and am now staying in much warmer quarters; internet access may be limited though.

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