Friday, May 02, 2008

On ENTEL’s “Nationalization”

Don’t buy it. The government is just playing with language again.

What we have here is a supreme decree (DS#29544) authorizing the intervention of the company while an ownership position is being negotiated. Same goes for the three energy companies –Chaco, Andina and Transredes- the government claims it has “nationalized” too. When all they have done is to barely grasp 49%, 48% and 37% ownership respectively, paying top dollar for every share.

Not that I’m complaining that our dear leader is acting like a hypocritical capitalist.

It just bugs me to see “the masses” played-with on a daily basis, to hear ever more grandiloquent statements scaring off the money and to feel the general tedium of a market with no rules.

Alas, if Goni got statesmanship points by selling privatization with nice words (i.e. capitalización) Evo deserves some sort of recognition for selling whatever it is he’s selling with his nacionalizaciones.

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