Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today’s News Catch: November 8, 2005

Interview with Economist Dr. Augusto López Claros.

Sunday, La Razón published a great interview with Dr. Augusto López Claros, Chief Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Program of the World Economic Forum. Dr. López talks about entrepreneurship and competitiveness, I suggest you read it.

Dr. López, will be visiting Bolivia as part of the selection process of The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship “Social Entrepreneur 2005” award. (Javier H. Mercado’s IRUPANA coffee company seems to be the only nominee). Dr. López will also dictate a conference titled “Economic Growth and National Prosperity”.

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Development of San Cristobal is on Track

La Razón reports that new equipment has been arriving for the San Cristobal project. San Cristobal, the multimillion dollar silver mining project established by Apex Silver Mines Limited (AMEX: SIL) a few years ago will start operations in the second half of 2007. According to the companies’ press release “The mining contractor has begun commissioning mobile equipment to start pre-stripping activities by the end of September 2005. Main access roads to the two initial orebodies, the first waste dump and the primary crusher are now under active construction. Excavations in the grinding and flotation areas are well underway to commence construction of the milling facility in the third quarter of 2005.” (See this source)

San Cristóbal is the world’s second largest known reserve of silver and seventh for zinc. Once it starts operating at full capacity, it’ll become the third largest silver producer in the world. The San Cristobal project is fundamental source of tax revenue for Potosí.

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Brazilian LCC Regional Airliner GOL begins operations in Bolivia

Los Tiempos reports: “la compañía brasileña Líneas Aéreas Inteligentes, GOL, comenzó a operar ayer en la ruta Santa Cruz-Campo Grande con el concepto bajo costo, baja tarifa y de esta forma consolida su plan de expansión en Sudamérica…”

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Bolivia's COMIBOL seeks conciliation to recover Huanuni tin mine

(Metalsplace.com Nov. 08, 2005) Bolivia's state mining company Comibol has taken steps to initiate a conciliation process with liquidators of failed metals trading house RBG Resources to recover control of the Huanuni tin mine in Oruro, a director for the company told Platts Monday. Grover Alejandro Gutierrez said that the company had sent documents to liquidators at the UK offices of Grant Thornton to begin a conciliation process under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce in La Paz. "We are following the process set out in the rent contract with Allied Deals (the original name of RBG Resources)," he explained...

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