Thursday, October 13, 2005

Inaugural Post

First of all, to the reader; welcome and thank you for visiting this website. I hope you find this blog useful, intelligent and enjoyable. If you don’t, let me know, because I did not start this site merely to entertain myself or others, but to provide a current, interesting and reliable source of information about a specific range of topics.

As of this writing there are about two hundred Bolivian “bitácoras” on the web, and the quantity is growing fast. The majority of these blogs are journal-type personal logs, and very few are dedicated to single topics or areas of interest. Of this rapid growing number of blogs there’s already a handful of Bolivian high-quality sites out there; and they lead the way when it comes post content and frequency of updates. I hope to join them by blogging about a topic that hasn’t been touch upon by any Bolivian blog that I know of (or is listed in the Bolivian Blogs Directory):

I’ll be blogging mainly about doing business in Bolivia. Sharing whatever I think I know about making money and my subjective opinions about enterprise, free markets, international trade, finance, etc. The politics part of the title is there because in most parts of the world there’s no differentiating one from another, and there's nothing you can do about it.

A couple caveats for the reader:

1. - This blogs’ primary language is English but I’ll be posting article excerpts in Spanish, linking to websites written in other languages and occasionally posting in Spanish only. So there you go; another reason to reconsider your language skills.

2. - I’m most definitely going to criticize certain public figures and their policies.

3. – I’ll be using Creative Commons and EFF guidelines; this stuff is copyrighted intellectual property people!

So there you go. Wish me luck.

PD: Layout is in the works, expect it to get better with time. For a couple laughs check this article by Maddox, I had second thoughts about starting this whole thing after reading it.


eduardo said...

Welcome to the world of Bolivian blogs..

Jonathan said...

Thanks Eduardo! I haven't even listed myself or anything.