Sunday, July 02, 2006

Initial Exit-Polling Shows Mixed Results

(File under: Politics) As counting continues (currently about 10 percent), the yes to autonomy vote is losing by 6 percent on a national level, informs ATB noticias. Exit-poll data (boca de urna) at this time (8:31PM EST) shows the following results: 80.5 percent in Santa Cruz, 69.9 percent in Tarija, 82.1 percent in Beni and 61.1 percent in Pando voted yes to autonomy. In La Paz, Cochabamba, and Oruro 69.7, 58.6 and 74.7 percent respectively voted no for autonomy. In Chuquisaca and Potosi, 42 and 35 percent voted yes.

In regards to the Constituent Assembly representatives, MAS are said to have captured between 109 and 120 seats, followed by Podemos with 66 to 78 and UN with 9 to 12, followed by other minority parties, including MNR with 6.

Evo Morales is said to speak at 9:00PM (-4GMT) today regarding the election. You Can listen to the speech in any of the following radio stations: Illimani, ERBOL, Wayna Tambo, and Panamericana.

UPDATE: New videos! Right.- Celebrations in Tarija and Santa Cruz, Left: Autonomy Referendum / Constituent Assembly Results:

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